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Jean and Clara at Old First Reformed ChurchOld First Reformed Church_Brooklyn

1 A visit from Rev. Clara Woodson on Dutch Days.

2 Punch served at Dutch Days annual dinner.

Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn
3 Congregational picnic

729 Carroll St
@ 7th Av
718 638 8300
Reformed Church | Park Slope, Brooklyn

Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn
Fellowship is another core mission of Old First Brooklyn. Whether during Sunday morning Coffee Hour after church, our annual "Dutch Days" dinner, or our popular community Arts Events, Old First offers a host of activities for adults and kids of all ages and interests to connect and commune. We invite you to any and all of our fellowship opportunities and look forward to welcoming you.

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Keeping up with Life at Old First

All manner of new and unannounced fun crops up during the year! Please visit our media pages for the most up-to-date information, photos and videos.

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iconOld First: blog of the sermons and reflections by Rev. Dr. Daniel Meeter

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Meet People at the Church Coffee Hour

Every Sunday following our worship service, all are invited to enjoy coffee, snacks and conversation with church members and visitors. Come join us!


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