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Adolesaints at Old First_Brooklyn
1 Adolesaints Choir

Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn
2 Talented young performer plays in Sunday Service

Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn
3 Adolesaints and Children's Choir

At left from top:

1 Roosevelt Organ console

2 Aleeza Meir playing the organ

3 Aleeza Meir playing the piano

4 Bilger Family Band and Friends with Michael Daves

5 Performers for Christmas Eve:
Aleeza Meir, organ; James Donato, trumpet; Nancy Ranger, oboe and oboe d'amore; Kathy Halvorson, oboe; Rebekah Heller, bassoon; Emily Donato, soparano; Samus Haddad, baritone

729 Carroll St
@ 7th Av
718 638 8300
Reformed Church | Park Slope, Brooklyn

Organ at Old First Reformed Church_Park Slope_Brooklyn
Music commands a place of importance at Old First and is one of the gifts we regularly share with the community during special Christmas and Easter services and every Sunday during worship. Old First is privileged to own a superb, late 19th century Roosevelt organ, engaging renowned Aleeza Meir as organist.

Additionally, from all manor of classical to country gospel, professional musicians share their gifts including a wide range of soloists, instrumentalists and ensembles. And we are privileged to have Jennifer Nelson as Director of our children's choir.

Aleeza Meir_Old First Reformed Church_Park Slope_Brooklyn sp Old First Reformed Church Brooklyn
Bilger Family Band and Friends_Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn
Organ and Brass_Old First Reformed Church_Parks Slope_Brooklyn

Visit the Worship Recordings page to experience music and dance at an Easter Service.

For other groups who rent space and perform here, see Hospitality.

The Instruments

Old First possesses two exceptional instruments: a Roosevelt organ and Steinway grand piano; both having been installed when the church was built, and both in fine playing condition today.

The Organ
Organ music has been a part of Reformed worship from the earliest days.

Organ_Old First Reformed Church_Park Slope_Brooklyn sp Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn

The magnificent three-manual organ was made by the Roosevelt Organ Company; the Roosevelts were famous for organs before they were known for politics. It was installed into the new sanctuary in 1891, having been built for this specific site. One notes the beautifully decorative pipes, but the original organ console is hidden just beneath these.

In 1928 the organ was rebuilt by the H. P. Möller Company. In the 1930’s a second console was installed in the balcony at the rear of the sanctuary in order to serve a choir, which sang from that location. In the 1970’s the organ was altered again, but by a shady contractor who stole many ranks of pipes, sold them, and then went bankrupt. Only two-thirds of the organ remains, and much work needs to be done. The most recent estimate to restore the organ to top-notch condition is $130,000. That sounds like a lot, but a new organ of similar size would be more than a million dollars. Committed congregants have started raising money and already two phases of the restoration have been completed; the lowest, rumbling bass ranks are back, along with some mid ranks. Also the replacement of leather fixtures that open and close the pipes, releasing their musical tones, has begun.

If you are an organ buff, you might like to see the specifications for this instrument which are posted online by the New York City Organ Project; the original 1891 Frank Roosevelt, Op 476 and the 1928 M.P. Möller, Op 5378 rebuilt organ.

The Piano

Aleeza Meir on piano_Old First Reformed Church_Park Slope_Brooklyn sp Piano_Old First Reformed Church_Park Slope_Brooklyn

Our Steinway concert grand piano dates from 1888. Our goal to renovate this piano has been met and we now have a fine "new" instrument. The piano is used extensively for concerts and community groups as well as worship. The church also owns a harpsichord.

You can hear the piano in concert with the Brooklyn Conservatory Community Orchestra, links to the music are near the end of our Hospitality page.

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