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Worship Service is held at 11 a.m. September through June, and at 10 a.m. in July and August.

Childminding During Worship

We have a staffed nursery for infants and very young children, and ’The Nest’,
Montessori-style Bible stories, worship, and prayer for children aged 3-5 (pre-readers).

1 Reading the Bible lesson.
Photo courtesy of Kelly Greene

2 Baptism of a young child during Sunday service.

Rev. Doug Leonard_visiting preacher_Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn
3 Rev. Douglas Leonard of the Reformed Church, Director of the Al Amana Centre in Muscat, Oman, was a recent visiting preacher. Old First supports his mission in Oman.

Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn
4 A child requests a blessing following the Communion circle. The cloth covering the table was made by our children.

Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn
Pastor Meeter delivering sermon

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Music in Worship
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729 Carroll St
@ 7th Av
718 638 8300
Reformed Church | Park Slope, Brooklyn

Every Sunday morning we worship the Triune God: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our traditional service is both dignified and warm, serious and welcoming. We sing the praises of God, confess our sins, and share joys, concerns, and thanksgivings with each other and with our God.

All are welcome to Holy Communion. You are invited to come forward for prayer and the feast or ask for a blessing. You may come forward even if you do not take communion or you may remain in your seat. Parents may allow their children to commune or receive a blessing. We celebrate every Sunday.

Worship Service_Old First Reformed Church
Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn sp Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn
Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn sp Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn
Communion is served as people come forward, joining the circle. Blessings are given to all who request.

Old First is a member of the The Reformed Church in America, which is a mainline Protestant denomination with direct roots in the Reformation of the 16th Century. The tenets of our faith are stated in the Apostle's Creed.

Sermons of the Reverend Dr. Daniel J. Meeter



Old First Reformed Church_BrooklynspOld First Brooklyn is a diverse, open and supportive church community. Our members and attendees are from all walks of life - whether you are single, married, divorced, with kids, without kids, employed, unemployed, happy, unhappy - we have a place for you and are ready to support and guide you through happy and difficult times. Pastor Daniel Meeter is available to meet with individuals and families and we have many supportive church members who are happy to meet with you and discuss your needs as well.


You want to pray, but you need help; you don't know what to say and how to say it. Pastor Meeter's blog has a link to a Form of Daily Prayer which is very contemporary and rather simple.

Prayer Requests

If you would like to send the pastor a prayer request click here.

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