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Great Rose Window_Old First Reformed Church_Brooklyn
1 The Great Rose Window of
Old First showing the stenciled, coffered ceiling

729 Carroll St
@ 7th Av
718 638 8300
Reformed Church | Park Slope, Brooklyn

The Great Rose Window sp
Situated over the main Seventh Avenue entrance to the sanctuary on the eastern wall, the Great Rose Window is truly majestic. This window is brilliant as it receives the first light of the morning – it is best seen looking back from the chancel or outside at night when the interior lights, by chance, are on. In the center of the window is depicted a guardian angel, surrounded by richly colored glass of polychromatic tints, creating a quiet and restful effect. Stone tracery encases the massive window.

At right can be seen the Great Rose with the stenciled, coffered ceiling of the arched nave. While the window is in relatively good shape compared to the other stained glass, the 120 year old tracery is weak and will need to be restored in the coming years. Even though this window is one of the most memorable aspects of the church, it is unknown who the designer was or which studio made it.

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